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Newly released Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergies are technical and designed for healthcare professionals, but there is plenty of useful information for patients as well. The leading experts in food allergy got together to answer basic questions.

More Than 20% Of The World, Suffers From Some Or The Other Allergic Disorders. Allergies Can Affect Various Organs And Be Confusing Or Mistaken For A Variety Of Other Problems, Leading To Misdiagnosis And Mistreatment. Dr. Roy Describes Some Of The Allergic Symptoms That Should Direct One To See An Allergist.

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US board certified Allergist/Immunologist:

Dr. Sitesh Roy is a US board certified Allergist / Immunologist, Mind-Body Medicine consultant and Healthy Lifestyle Coach with leading clinics and hospitals in Mumbai.

Personal Medical counselor

Dr. Roy takes complete responsibility of your medical needs where preventive care, diet, lifestyle, medications and natural supplements as well as one-on-one visits and counseling happen side by side

Mind-body Medicine Consultant

Dr. Roy has always maintained respect for other forms of healing besides mainstream medicine and looks at the "whole person" in order to make his complete evaluation

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