Dr. Roy


I think Dr. Sitesh is an excellent physician. Since my daughter has been coming to him for her asthma care she hasn’t been to the hospital even once and has had very few doctor visits. He has done an excellent job with my daughter. I have seen a tremendous improvement in her asthma. The best thing I liked about him, was the way he took time to listen to me. He didn’t treat me like I didn’t know what i was talking about. He took the time to explain every aspect of her condition and the proper way to treat it. Thanks to Dr. Sitesh and his staff.

Ms. Brenda A – Jackson

Mississippi, USA

Dr. Sitesh has been amazing with his treatment of his his patients. His novel treatment of combining
Allopathy and holistic approach to changes in life stylehave had excellent results for me.

Chandrashekhar Ramachandran – Mumbai

Maharashtra, India

Dear Dr. Roy, I am very grateful to you for taking the time to answer all my questions and listen to my concerns in regards to my child’s new preventive medication (Q-var). Due to the flare up she had during soccer season, she was aforad she would not be able to play again. Since she has been taking the Q-Var with the Singulair, she has been able to practice soccer, ride her bike and participate in activities without tiring. Four years ago, Jessica was a very sick little girl. Today, thanks to you, she can lead a normal healthy life. Jessica and I thank you for all that you have done for her  over the past 4 years. I thank you for your concern and excellent care you have provided to us.

Ms. Rita F – Jackson

Mississippi, USA

Strongly recommended for allergy patients. The whole procedure for tests and treatment was very
smooth. Dr Roy is a very nice, co-operative human and would listen to your problem patiently. Please
keep doing the good work. 10/10.

Abhay Kumar – Jaipur

Rajasthan, India

Dr.Roy came into Kendrick’s life when he was very young and very ill. His illness then included chronic asthma, allergy and angioderma. Over the years, Kendrick has progressed tremendously with no ER visits or long stays in the hospital. He is able to do something now tht he’s always prayed for – playing basketball. Kendrick is now 16 years of age and 6 feet tall. Kendrick and I must truly say that Dr. Roy – you touch lives and we are truly grateful for putting your all into Kendrick’s health and life. May God bless you!

Ms. Keshia J – Jackson

Mississippi, USA

Excellent doctor, to the point and always helping to reduce the medicine dependence. My son has
got big relief after his treatment.thanks a lot.

Lokesh Nagar – Mumbai

Maharashtra, India

Dr. Roy and his staff has been so very kind, nice and helpful. They not only teach you how to care for your children’s allergies, but how to use medications correctly. People don’t understand that using medications correctly is very important. I heard a lot about how good Dr. Roy was in teaching. Now I finally experienced it myself. My son has been going to Dr. Roy for some years. Not only do I see the improvement in his health, but my son feels the difference in his allergies and asthma too. Dr. Roy is as friendly on the job as he is off the job. Thanks so very much Dr. Roy and staff.

Ms. Katrina W – Jackson

Mississippi, USA

I had a bad case of eczema, which had really hampered my lifestyle. I was embarrassed to go into any
social events and meet people due to the bad skin condition on my face, neck and hands. I had consulted
many Dermatologists but no one was able to treat me effectively. Finally I found out about Dr. Roy from
my friend and I consider it a blessing. The treatment and advice I got from Dr. Roy was beyond my
expectations. Dr roy and therapists have provided the best treatment and given me all the right dietary
advice as well to get lasting results. All the other clinic staff has been very cooperative. This has been an
amazing experience. I wish good luck to the clinic for their future endeavours. Thank you!!

Namra Khan – Baroda

Gujarat, India

I have been very impressed and pleased with Maddie’s care under Dr. Roy. Even when Maddie tested negative for allergies, Dr. Roy still looks for answers to her health care problems – most doctors would have discharged her, but Dr. Roy continues to go the extra mile to find answers to her congestion. I feel that Dr. Roy is sincere in his care for patients. Maddie loves going to Dr. Roy. Dr. Roy truly loves caring for children. He is a blessing to our famiy and the healthcare community.

Charlotte L – Memphis

Tennessee, USA

“I thank God every day for Dr. Sitesh Roy who looked outside the Box when it came to diagnosing McKenzie as IgG deficient! In my book, He went above & beyond in McKenzie’s treatment & we’ve been on subcutaneous IgG infusions ever since. She is doing great all because we had a Dr who was determined to find out what was causing her to stay so sick for so long. She’s a happy, healthy 14 yr old now!! We miss you Dr Roy :-)”

Bethany H. P.

Mississippi, USA

“Dr. Roy, I’m so happy to see you doing so well! Things look to be going great! I must admit though that I greatly miss your expertise. Your gift is hard to come by but I am so very thankful that you were in our neck of the woods right when we needed you the most!”

S. M. Ivy

Mississippi, USA

“I was suffering from psoriasis for the past 10 years and haven’t found a good doctor but after meeting Dr Roy my whole perspective changed. The medication which he gave really helped me a lot in controlling psoriasis. He also recommended diet and lifestyle counselling which helped expedite the healing. My psoriasis marks got lighter and are fading away with time. I am no longer embarrassed to go out and socialize. Also following the COVID-19 pandemic, He has implemented “

Moin Khan

Santacruz, Mumbai

“I have been having online consultations with Dr Roy for the last 7 months for IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) and he has been very friendly and supportive. He brings several years of experience and a calm demeanour to his sessions. Just speaking to him builds my confidence and encourages me to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have experienced a lot of relief from my symptoms now and am feeling much stronger. I am eating better and feeling healthier. Due to this problem I was underweight, but now my weight has also increased to a healthy 65 kilos from 52 kg). He also helped me with vendor contacts as medicines were not easily available due to lockdown.”

Raghav Singh

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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