Dr. Roy

Our Approach To Healing

Health is wealth!

You have heard this statement before but you realize the true meaning of it only when you or a loved
one falls ill. At such times everything else in life seems secondary and the only concern on the top of
your mind is getting back to good health. Doctor's appointments, specialist referrals, long list of
investigations, confusing and sometime cross-reacting medications, surgeries, uncertainty and lack of
clarity regarding what you are being put through and how long it will take for you to get back to health
- these become realities of life. Sometimes medicines work for a little while, but then the symptoms
relapse. You end up disheartened by the maze of modern medicine with no clear way out. This is when
you seek real answers, true preventive medicine and genuine guidance and counseling for yourself
and your loved ones.

This is when you realize that a true doctor does not just care for diseases/illnesses/ailments rather he
is your mentor, guide, friend and guardian. Someone who can provide a safe hand for you to hold in
times of stress and illness, one that you can totally and completely rely on and trust for the highest
best medical and personal advice you or your family members need. Such a true doctor would take
complete responsibility of your family and your medical needs with utmost privacy and individualized
guidance provided both preventively and acutely. All aspects of health such as preventive care, diet,
lifestyle, medications and natural supplements as well as one-on-one visits and counseling would
happen side by side.

Dr. Roy provides such a total service package for all types of health care requirements for each and
every member of your family with personalized, customized, easy access at all times. You can save
yourself the hassle of running to different doctors for variety of opinions and consultations, and
prevent confusion of insensitive, incomplete or wrong medical advice. Avail yourself of the total
healthcare package by a US Board certified specialist with great credentials and long-standing
expertise in US, now available in India. If you truly care about family you cannot refuse such a
Personal Medical and Family advisor and Lifestyle Consultant.

When faced with a chronic or recurrent acute or a serious disease you can get tired of running from
one doctor to another, specialist to specialist and from one place to another to get reliable medical
opinions/ second opinions/ genuine advice. Now you just have to make one-call to avail all possible
medical care and attention using latest cutting edge technology/investigations as well as sharp clinical
acumen all at your fingertips. Now this is possible. You are one call away and there is no chance for
confusion or misguidance. We do not affect your work/business, or family life, while providing ground
- breaking modern therapies. We have a complete network of specialists and support staff that report to
Dr. Roy. The secret to his success and top notch care is seamless teamwork. His team provides
superior care and assistance every step of the way. They bring you the best things in life at your
doorstep. Dr Roy imbibes reliability, truthfulness and trustworthiness in his team and colleagues. He
strongly believes that emotional, mental and psychological well-being is essential for your best health.


Now even you can avoid the hassle of waiting in lines at the doctor's clinic thereby saving time and
money. It is our goal to free you from lifelong diseases with our unique root cause therapies and new
solutions for acute and chronic illnesses combining all modalities of healing. This is not just
symptomatic control and care like allopathic/Western medicine provides. All the medicines and car
you need are available under one roof. You have a complete health guide watching and monitoring
your family continuously. Any medical assistance or advice you or your family needs is available 24/7
from us. Our dedicated team of doctors and support staff is at your service. Get treated in your home
in a friendly, comfortable environment instead of struggling and waiting at the doctor's clinic. Many
tests are conducted from your home and even your medicines are sent to your home. Thus all medical
services are conveniently available at your doorstep along with proper interpretation and guidance. We
do everything possible to not let you reach a stage where an organ fails or a surgery is unavoidable. A
paid or salaried doctor cannot give you full attention, love, compassion and the depth of care that
Dr. Roy and his qualified team can.


Optimal health is possible with your cooperation. Disease happens, but when the doctor is your friend,
confidante and guide you get better faster in a comfortable, friendly and happy environment. You will
be laughing your way to good health. You will receive complete assistance for disease prevention and
cure. Do you value your family enough to have someone keep a healthy watch over you and your

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