Dr. Roy

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Dr. Roy at Allergocon 2019,vellore

Dr. Roy at Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Navi Mumbai

TOPIC: Living Healthy and Allergy Free

Dr. Roy at Medanta Hospital,Gurgaon

TOPIC: Allergen Immunotherapy –Safe or Dangerous

Dr Roy being felicitated by the Pharma Association for his contribution to Patient care and well-being as well as for being a champion for best drug therapies for patients

Dr. Roy at Vallabhai Patel Chest Institute, Delhi
TOPIC: Allergen Immunotherapy – Finding the Cure to Allergies

Dr. Roy at a Training Event in Dubai
TOPIC: Asthma Management – Mind Body Medicine

Dr. Roy at Indian Medical Association, Mumbai
TOPIC: Allergy & Asthma – Holistic Care and Healing

New advances in Allergen Immunotherapy

Dr. Roy at Pedicon 2019, Mumbai
TOPIC: Global Issues in Allergy and Asthma

Pulmocon Respiratory conference – Kolkatta Sept 2019
Topic: Childhood & Adolescent Asthma

Dr. Roy Cidade de Goa – Boost Conclave – Immunity and Infections

Severe Asthma Masterclass – Taj Landsend Bandra

Sri Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi – Pros and Cons of Immunotherapy

Dr. Roy on TEDX – Hindustan College of Science & Tech, Mathura
TOPIC: SEX – Why the Taboo and Controversy?

World Allergy Day July 8 2019- National Webcast

Dr. Roy at “World Mental Health Day -Young Mind Matters” Event
Oct 10 2018, in Santacruz, Mumbai

Allergocon – CMC Vellore Jan 10 – 2020
TOPIC: Failing Immunity Obesity and Stress

International Pediatric Allergy conference
Sri Lanka – Sept 7 2017

Complete care for Asthma Spectrum of Diseases