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Dr. Sitesh Roy: An Intro

Dr. Sitesh Roy is a US board certified Allergist/Immunologist. He is also a Mind-Body Medicine consultant and Healthy Lifestyle Coach with leading clinics and hospitals in Mumbai.

Dr. Sitesh Roy is a US board certified Allergist/Immunologist. He is also a Mind-Body Medicine consultant and Healthy Lifestyle Coach with leading clinics and hospitals in Mumbai. Dr Roy has been a pioneer in the field of Medicine having treated and helped heal thousands of patients from all over the world from a wide range of diseases using a unique approach to managing, caring and when possible curing a disease from the root cause.

He strongly believes that just prescription of medicines is not cure. Doctor Roy calls himself not a physician but a Personal & Family Health Counselor, whose prime focus is to not just to treat disease when it happens, but to prevent it from happening in the first place.

 Right from childhood Dr. Roy showed exceptional, god-gifted healing skills and a natural inclination to help people. He had the inborn talent to connect with people from the heart and understand even their silence intuitively.

Not just a doctor but a Personal Medical Counselor, you can trust

He was the perfect combination of intellect and intuition. He was passionate about everything he did and poured his heart mind and soul into every smallest act. His parents realized they had a gifted child and decided to turn his passion into his profession so he could serve humanity.

Soon after entering medical school Dr. Roy realized that modern medicine is based on symptomatic control and falls short when it comes to actually curing a disease. That’s when he started delving and researching into ancient Indian treatment modalities. Academically Dr. Roy has been honored with several prestigious medical laurels and accolades – Dr. Roy is MD Pediatrics with super-specialization in Adult and Pediatric allergy- immunology, he is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP), the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (FAAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (FACAAI). –  but in practical life he conjoins his medical knowledge with ancient Indian Wisdom and comes up with cures for his patients and not just control of symptoms.

They say, without effective expression, every skill is an uncut diamond. Similarly, as Dr. Roy progressed through his medical career, he further honed his inborn talent and took on the role of not just a conventional doctor but a personal and family counselor, a health and wellness expert, whose patients were not just sent away with a prescription but who understood the essence of health and the root cause of their problemFor a conventional doctor, treatment ends when prescription is handed to the patient. For Dr. Roy that is where treatment begins. Thus where modern medicine gives up on a patient, that is where he beginsHe believes in taking on full responsibility for a person’s health till he is cured. He has thus created a unique niche for himself in the medical field by combining modern medicine with state-of-the-art cutting edge technology, holistic therapies and counseling to bring a person to complete health.

For Dr. Roy the word health has broader connotations. He sees the patient not just as a physical form. He perceives health in its totality. For him returning the patient to his innate wholeness is health. He believes in treating and healing every aspect of the Human Being – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. His vision for each of his patients is nothing short of complete health in mind, body and spirit; to live and enjoy life to the hilt.

Dr. Roy’s dedication to the medical field and his passion to help others is reflected in his work. When he is with a patient, the consulting room is his universe. He completely loses himself in his work where nothing else matters. Like an artist, he goes beyond time, to create the perfect, unique masterpiece of health and wellbeing in every patientOnce a patient comes under his care, he won’t rest until the patient feels better. With regular follow-ups and ongoing advice he makes sure the patient is on the right track. His entire team is instructed to stay connected with the patient to bring him to good health.

Thus, his superior work ethics, passion and enthusiasm put him in a unique class of his own.

Dr. Roy believes that a doctor NOT is someone who merely diagnoses your disease and writes a prescription when you fall ill. He says that being a doctor is all about creating awareness in the patient about his wrong-doings – his erroneous diet, lifestyle etc. that led him to disease in the first place. He teaches his patients how to prevent disease with right diet, lifestyle and natural supplements, rather than regret their mistakes after disease strikes.

Dr. Roy strongly believes that Prevention is Better than Cure and does not wait for disease to happen. He provides preventive medicine and guidelines well in advance so that his patients stay healthy and can prevent serious disease with his carefully designed wellness plans. When patients first approach him they come as victims of their disease – dejected, depressed, disgruntled, dependent and disheartened, but within a month’s treatment and counseling they take charge of their own health. Even those patients who were hospitalized with serious maladies, after coming under Dr. Roy’s care, have never had to see the face of the hospital ever again in years. Dr. Roy’s long-standing patients who are under his continual care never have to worry about serious illness or about getting hospitalized or undergoing surgery for some unforeseen health problem. These patients have gained freedom from dependency on allopathy drugs and with Dr. Roy’s expert guidance have adopted healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Roy imparts such awareness about your body, diet and lifestyle that you become your own doctor. 

Apart from that Dr. Roy also takes his social responsibility seriously. As a part of his philanthropic efforts to create awareness in the society Dr. Roy organizes various life-changing, motivational programs focused on health and wellness including Healing Camps, Health Awareness camps, Wellness retreats, Relationship building programs and lectures for doctors as well as general publicHis goal is to impart awareness of what is right and wrong for one’s holistic health so as to elevate human consciousness and well being. He encourages his patients to abstain from those things which are not conducive to their health so they don’t succumb to a serious disease in the long run. Thus Dr. Roy has redefined the role of a doctor and can be considered as an embodiment of a true doctor, a counselor, philosopher and guide, in the real sense.  

At a very young age Dr. Roy realized that modern medicine was very inadequate in that it had a very restricted understanding and approach to health, where symptoms were merely controlled and the root cause of disease was completely ignored or fell short of tools to deal with the root cause. In a quest to find long term solutions and complete holistic treatments he traveled around the world and met several skilled health care professionals from alternative and mainstream medical fields who had already produced positive results in the lives of thousands. He networked with these amazingly talented and experienced individuals to create an outstanding Health Care team par excellence.  

Thanks to Dr. Roy’s pioneering effort in the field of medicine, patients can save themselves the hassle of running to different doctors and hospitals for variety of opinions and consultations and prevent confusion of insensitive, incomplete or inaccurate medical advice. Dr. Roy brings you everything for health care and healing all under one roofPatients feel totality in the wholistic care of his team of professionals. He provides you a safe hand to hold in times of stress and illness as mentor, guide, friend and guardian who gently guides you to good health using the best possible treatment modality. It does not matter to him whether the treatment is based on allopathy, homeopathy or any other pathy. His is only concern is to get the patient well and his team of health care specialists come up with the best treatment plan for him. He takes the patient’s case and file to his team of very best specialists in the world, so that the patient can receive that ultimate care without leaving the comfort of his/her home. This medical facilitation work is sign of devotion to his field and a unique service to his patients.

Now patients are just one-call away from availing of the best possible medical care using latest cutting edge technology as well as sharp clinical acumen. Once Dr. Roy accepts a case he takes complete responsibility of all aspects of the patient’s health where preventive care, dietary & lifestyle guidance, medications and natural supplements as well as one-on-one visits and counseling happen side by side. Your medicines and reports are now available at your doorstep. One need not end up disheartened by the maze of modern medicine. Thus, real answers, true preventive medicine and genuine guidance and counseling for yourself and your loved ones are all your fingertips now, thanks to Dr. Roy’s legendary initiative in the medical field.

Dr. Roy is Personal Medical Advisor & Important Decision Maker to ministers, senators & rulers of various countries around the world. His top clientele include HNIs, several NRI families of Indian and Asian origin living in S. Africa, Canada, US and UK, many well-known celebrities, Industrialists, corporate CEOs and business tycoons whose names we shall withhold for privacy reasons.

Prior to returning to his home town of Mumbai after 14 years in the US, Dr Roy was a Senior Consultant at the Columbia Asthma and Allergy Clinic in Vancouver, Washington, in the US, as well an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of MS Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Dr. Roy was voted amongst The Best Doctors in America 2005–2006, 2007-2008, as well as in the Guide to America’s Top Physicians every year from 2005-2010.

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