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One thing very good with Allopathic treatment is that Doctors give the name of medicines with diagnosis. Hence when you are in problem and are not able to meet the Doctor at least you can continue and get relief from existing medicines till the time you meet him. But with Dr Roy’s health solution Clinic, which has best solution to any disease, it is found that the doctor takes exorbitant fees but keeps the names of medicines a secret so that you have to depend on him all your life. And if you are required to meet an Allopathic Doctor in an emergency, you do not have the name of medicines which you are taking. So you cannot tell him anything and have to face rebuke. What have you got to comment on this prevailing practice?

Let us analyze the pros and cons of this practice. Say, you have fever and you go to an allopathic doctor, the prescription can be categorized into:

• Antipyretic – to bring down body temperature and to fight viral infection.

• Antibiotic – to fight bacteria, if the fever is because of bacterial infection

• Analgesic – pain killer – to relieve body ache and headache

• Medicine for cold and cough, if these symptoms are associated with fever.

• Allied medicines like multivitamins, protein powder etc, to boost up health and energy.

So, an Allopathic doctor’s prescription can be categorized into different segments. There is a pattern in his prescription. But in Dr. Roy’s herbal natural system of healing, such a pattern is rarely seen. This is because, a wide range of herbal medicines are available to the doctor.

Other doctors usually choose medicines that they are accustomed to use. The choice of medicine depends on his previous experience. But in this system there are different medicines for different stages of Disease and Dosha involvement.

Conclusion is, the way, an Allopathic doctor diagnoses and treats disease can be patronized but such a thing is hard to do with a natural or herbal system.

Other reasons are:

1. Convenience – Usually, the herbal powders are purchased in bulk by the doctor and stored in his container. Usually the doctor mixes 12 – 23 powders together and administers to the patient. So, when they are mixed, it is really inconvenient for the doctor to write all those powder names in the prescription pad.

2. Secrecy – A time tested formula is developed after years of experience and the doctor may not wish to give out that secret to general public.

3. Legacy – Many formulas & life saving drugs which produce 100% results have a long family tradition and it is given through a genuine channel, through legacy, in trusted hand after years of relationship with that family.

4. Non veg ingredients – Some products may contain non veg ingredients, making the patient uncomfortable. But it may be really vital for the patient’s health, so the doctor may choose to hide its name.

5. Medical Ethics – In today’s world the patient is stressed and most have lost faith in everything. So even after prescribing the right thing to him, due to lack of faith or doubt or half information provided by someone or googled by himself, he ends up ridden with fear and stops the treatment. So it is good practice to give all needed information once he is cured.

6. Confidentiality for patient’s own security– In our fast paced modern life it is seen that in order to avoid the hassle of visiting the doctor, patients start self-prescribing medicines based on their past experiences. They repeat prescriptions written by doctors in the past for a similar problem for themselves or even for a family member. Many times these decisions are made based on a television commercial or some information obtained from the Internet. Needless to say, this is a very dangerous habit and could result in aggravating the problem. This is because each person’s body type is different and what is good for one person, cannot be good for another.

We have heard that Dr. Niphadkar's clinic had disowned Dr. Roy. Is this true?

Dr Roy was officially the Medical Director of Dr Niphadkar’s clinic for as long as his clinic was running after his untimely demise. He had very ably managed his clinic and grown his practice which had dwindled down due to Dr Niphadkar’s illness. Even after his family decided to close the clinic due to legal issues with the building his clinic was housed in, Dr Roy was requested by Mrs Niphadkar to continue to care for Dr Niphadkar’s patients who had no other dedicated super-specialist in Allergy and Asthma of Dr. Niphadkar’s and Dr Roy’s calibre to go to.

Dr Roy has taken the dream and vision of Dr Niphadkar to a whole new level and made it a reality. There is no one of Dr Roy’s training, stature and experience in that setup who has the standing to disown Dr Roy. He has been one of the only US Board Certified Allergist-Immunologist-Asthma specialist who has helped patients from all over the world and now continues to train hundreds of young and old doctors in India in his very unique field of Allergy-Immunology-Asthma.

He trains young doctors in esteemed hospitals like CMC Vellore and VP Chest Institute in Delhi in this field. Dr Niphadkar’s co-workers/doctors are still working with Dr. Roy 6.5 years after he passed away, which should be enough testament to the fact that he is genuine.

Dr Roy has never publicly discussed the diagnoses or medical conditions of any patient even if the person has put a negative review about him for whatever personal reasons they might be doing that. He is well aware of Patient Privacy and values and respects it immensely. So if you have proof of any actual patient diagnoses that have been mentioned by him then kindly point that out.

There are Google reviews saying that Dr. Roy’s degrees are fake. What is the truth about this?

Regarding the veracity of Dr. Roy’s degrees, if you would have visited his clinic you would see that all his degrees and certificates are displayed there for anyone to view. Also his US degrees were officially registered with the Medical Council of India and/or Maharashtra Medical Council. Even when the claim of his degrees being false was made by people for their vested interest of maligning Dr Roy and instilling doubt in the minds of people, several official reviews have clearly stated that this is not so and he was given a clean chit for the same.

Hundreds of Pediatricians, ENT surgeons and Chest Physicians all over India have attended introductory training courses conducted by Dr Roy in Allergy testing and Immunotherapy and then started their own Allergy Centers across Mumbai and India. So the aspersion about fake degrees is completely baseless. Yes, you may say the claims of half trained doctors doing Allergy are fake compared to everything that Dr. Roy has done and achieved in his area of superspecialisation. Considering his achievements he is truly a Father of Modern Allergy in India. No degree can accurately reflect his massive contribution to his Field.

Dr Roy is invited by top organisations for preparation of national guidelines for other doctors to follow and even on medical advisory boards to determine the direction of future medical therapies. Dr Roy is a highly reputed superspecialist who is respected by the members of Indian Medical Association, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Indian Chest Society and other such national bodies and frequently invited to teach, train give lectures to their doctors. It would be foolish of such national bodies to invite a doctor with fake degrees if he did not have the depth of knowledge and experience that only comes from being in the medical field for 30+ years.

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