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How to Prepare For Your Visit to Dr. Roy Health Solutions Clinic

Thank you for making an appointment with Dr. Roy. The videos below will help you prepare and make the most of your visit to the Dr. Roy Health Solutions Clinic. Kindly watch them carefully.

We do our best to maintain a safe, clean space, with adequate time and good medical hygiene hence we follow an appointment system and prevent overcrowding. Due to the pandemic we are also required to follow rules and precautionary measures to keep you and our staff safe, by giving scheduled appointments. If you wish to have a walk in consultation then Dr. Roy's Assistant Physician can see you. Dr. Roy also has urgent hospital consults, special case home visits and emergency appointments to attend to, hence you might be asked to reschedule your appointment in such rare circumstances.

We do everything we can to reduce your waiting time in clinic, but we are thorough and detail oriented. We do our best to stick to your scheduled appointment timings, but complex cases that take more time than expected, do show up. We request you to kindly wait patiently in such circumstances for your turn. Kindly coordinate your timely arrival for your appointment with the clinic staff so your waiting time is minimal.

It should be noted that there is usually a waiting list of patients for appointments with Dr. Roy and hence each and every appointment slot is invaluable. Last minute cancellations and no shows mean neither you get the benefit of seeing Dr. Roy nor does someone else, who really needs to do so. Hence, we have an appointment booking confirmation charge for appointments with Dr. Roy. This charge is applied towards your total fees when you visit with him. If you cancel at the last minute or do not show up for your appointment then this fee is forfeited. If you inform us well in advance (ideally 48 hours or more) about your inability to attend a booked appointment then the fee is held for your rescheduled appointment.

Dr Roy has unique expertise and skills in his area of super specialization and hence his appointments are in high demand. Besides clinical practice Dr. Roy provides Training and Lectures for specialist doctors, TV and media shows and interviews, Research and Development work, Pharma advisory work. So his regular appointments can be full for 2-3 months. At such times, VIP or Emergency clinic visits are available on a special case by case basis.

We prefer to only allow the patient in the doctor’s cabin to reduce airborne transmission in closed spaces, so if you have relatives or friends accompanying you they may be asked to wait outside.

Kindly do not request curbside consults for relatives accompanying you, since Dr. Roy does not give superficial advice which might be irresponsible. Kindly have your relatives make a separate appointment and see him. Dr. Roy while providing symptomatic relief believes in treating the root cause or causes of your problems so that you don't remain enslaved to the disease or its treatments.

Now kindly watch the videos below for instructions to follow before visiting Dr. Roy and please feel free to contact our clinic staff for any further queries you might have.

How to Prepare Before Visiting Dr. Roy - (English)

डॉ. रॉय को मिलने से पहले क्या तैयारी करें - (Hindi)

What to Expect on the Day of Your Visit

अपॉइंटमेंट के दिन क्या होगा

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