Dr. Roy


  • Just Prescription of Medicine is Not Cure – Holistic Healing!
  • A Real Doctor Is For Your Wellness and Not For Your Illness.
  • If Your Doctor Is Well, You Cannot be Ill!
  • What Doctors Don’t Learn in Medical School
  • AIR Quality and Health Effects
  • Facts You Will Never Hear About Cancer
  • The Truth about the Dangers of Modern Medicine
  • Treating Symptoms Is Not Cure…..An Advance Eye Opening Lecture for Doctors
  • A True Doctor – Treating Illnesses or Preserving Wellness!
  • Modern Medicine – A Gateway To Suffering!
  • Secrets Hospitals Won’t Tell You
  • Becoming Your Own Healer
  • Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself …
  • When Modern Medicine Has No Cure, The Answer Lies Within!
  • Why Hospitals Fail: Between Theory and Practice!
  • How To Live Healthy in Metro Cities….How Stress and Depression Cause Weak Immunity and Recurrent Infections??

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