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I think Dr. Sitesh is an excellent physician. Since my daughter has been coming to him for her asthma care she hasn't been to the hospital even once and has had very few doctor visits. He has done an excellent job with my daughter. I have seen a tremendous improvement in her asthma. The best thing I liked about him, was the way he took time to listen to me. He didn't treat me like I didn't know what i was talking about. He took the time to explain every aspect of her condition and the proper way to treat it. Thanks to Dr. Sitesh and his staff.


Ms. Brenda A - Jackson Mississippi, USA



Dear Dr. Roy, I am very grateful to you for taking the time to answer all my questions and listen to my concerns in regards to my child's new preventive medication (Q-var). Due to the flare up she had during soccer season, she was aforad she would not be able to play again. Since she has been taking the Q-Var with the Singulair, she has been able to practice soccer, ride her bike and participate in activities without tiring. Four years ago, Jessica was a very sick little girl. Today, thanks to you, she can lead a normal healthy life. Jessica and I thank you for all that you have done for her  over the past 4 years. I thank you for your concern and excellent care you have provided to us.


Ms. Rita F - Jackson, Mississippi, USA



Four years ago my son was diagnosed with asthma. After a period of time when his asthma was completely out of control our pediatrician recommended that we bring him to the Allergy and Immunology Clinic for treatment. Thankfully since Dr. Roy has been treated my child, we have been able to comfortably live with his asthma. Our daily lives have done to being easy and relaxed in comparison to the stress that I carried around continuously three years ago. We went from keeping him indoors all the time to letting him play football last summer. As a mother I am well aware that I had to have doctors to treat this condition. I can only do as directed and watch for signs. As an asthma-sufferer with many horrible childhood memories I am grateful that there is a clinic that can give my child the treatment that I did not get as a child. I am very grateful that there is someone to depend on and can make sure that I am doing everything I can to help my child. I truly appreciate all the guidance and advice I receive every 6 months when I visit the clinic. I am always treated respectfully and more importantly so is my child. Thank you for everything that you do to help me bethe best mother I can be. There are just some things I cannot do alone and asthma management is one of those things.


Ms. Shaunta S - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA



Dr.Roy came into Kendrick's life when he was very young and very ill. His illness then included chronic asthma, allergy and angioderma. Over the years, Kendrick has progressed tremendously with no ER visits or long stays in the hospital. He is able to do something now tht he's always prayed for - playing basketball. Kendrick is now 16 years of age and 6 feet tall. Kendrick and I must truly say that Dr. Roy - you touch lives and we are truly grateful for putting your all into Kendrick's health and life. May God bless you!


Ms. Keshia J - Jackson, Mississippi, USA



Dr. Roy and his staff has been so very kind, nice and helpful. They not only teach you how to care for your children's allergies, but how to use medications correctly. People don't understand that using medications correctly is very important. I heard a lot about how good Dr. Roy was in teaching. Now I finally experienced it myself. My son has been going to Dr. Roy for some years. Not only do I see the improvement in his health, but my son feels the difference in his allergies and asthma too. Dr. Roy is as friendly on the job as he is off the job. Thanks so very much Dr. Roy and staff.


Ms. Katrina W - Jackson, Mississippi, USA



My son always feels so special when he visits Dr. Roy's clinic. Dr. Roy has been a life saver for Peyton. He has gone from being allergic to many foods to now only being allergic to milk. Dr. Roy always listens to what we have to say and cares how Peyton feels. Dr. Roy always helps us with making decisions whether it be what type of lotion for eczema to whether we are doing the inhaler right.Dr. Roy has got everything under control for Peyton. I never dreamed  that with all the trouble Peyton had with food allergies and asthma as a child, he would be able to enjoy extra activities like playing basketball. Without Dr. Roy's sense of medicine I just do not feel we would have even had food challenges or anything. Yes, we drive 2 and 1/2 hours to see Dr. Roy, but I feel it's well worth the drive. We will continue to drive to see Dr. Roy until he says we don't have to come back or until Peyton is too old to see him. Peyton loves Dr. Roy and his nurses and that makes us all comfortable. Dr. Roy's treatment for Peyton's allergies and asthma is doing great and we only hope one day Peyton outgrows it all. Until that day with Dr. Roy's help we just hope to keep it all under control. Thank you Dr. Roy for the exceptional care you provide.


Ms. Heather S - Grenada, Mississippi, USA



I have been very impressed and pleased with Maddie's care under Dr. Roy. Even when Maddie tested negative for allergies, Dr. Roy still looks for answers to her health care problems - most doctors would have discharged her, but Dr. Roy continues to go the extra mile to find answers to her congestion. I feel that Dr. Roy is sincere in his care for patients. Maddie loves going to Dr. Roy. Dr. Roy truly loves caring for children. He is a blessing to our famiy and the healthcare community.


Charlotte L - Memphis, Tennessee, USA





"I thank God every day for Dr. Sitesh Roy who looked outside the Box when it came to diagnosing McKenzie as IgG deficient! In my book, He went above & beyond in McKenzie's treatment & we've been on subcutaneous IgG infusions ever since. She is doing great all because we had a Dr who was determined to find out what was causing her to stay so sick for so long. She's a happy, healthy 14 yr old now!! We miss you Dr Roy :-)"


Bethany H. P. - Mississippi, USA




" I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for taking the time out to talk to me about my illness. Your wisdom and professional opinion enabled me to enjoy the remaining days of our off-site. Again, thank you so much for helping me in my time of need.


Harry Rizbecca,




"Dr. Roy, I'm so happy to see you doing so well! Things look to be going great! I must admit though that I greatly miss your expertise. Your gift is hard to come by but I am so very thankful that you were in our neck of the woods right when we needed you the most!"


S. M. Ivy, Mississippi, USA




"Dr. Roy's Holistic Wellness program has helped me experience the importance of eating healthy.  It has given me motivation to change my eating habits and given me the opportunity to really think about food and which foods do what.  Thank you, Dr. Roy!!!!!!"


S. Lord, Chattanooga, TN, USA




"I was suffering from tremendous gastro-intestinal problems including severe reflux, hyperacidity, flatulence, constipation and also severe joint pain. I was unable to walk without support or sit for long periods. I even had trouble laying down. Dr. Roy came like an angel into my life. He patiently listened to my problems and carefully charted out my treatment options. He was always very generous with his time and attention. I have been under his treatment for the last 4 months and have seen amazing benefit from all his advice. I am walking without support and have been able to sit and lay down without any pain. My GI system is also doing much better. I have also lost about 8 Lbs and feel much lighter and more energetic. Dr. Roy is a unique health practitioner like I have never met before. I truly believes in healing the root cause of the problem, instead of just treating symptoms. Much gratitude to you, Dr. Roy, for your expert advice and your kind bed-side manner.


S. Yates, Memphis, TN, USA




“I had severe pain on my right side from my neck, down my arm and to my fingertips, with no previous injuries that may have caused it. I wasn’t able to sleep due to the pain, and if so I’d be woken up shortly after with numbness in my hand and fingers that occasionally turned blue.


Having tried many traditional temporary reliefs with no long-lasting aid, I was referred to Dr. Roy by my friend. Within the first few weeks itself of undergoing treatment with Dr. Roy I’ve been able to have a full night’s rest, the pain in my neck and arm has decreased significantly and all numbness is next to none! It's been about 2 months now and the pain has not returned.


I look forward to Dr. Roy’s kind-hearted personality and friendly, welcoming team every time I visit him!


I couldn’t thank you enough Dr. Roy!”


H. Sadeweiser, Atlanta, USA




“The way my asthma and allergies kept flaring up...I needed to leave this town completely. I have been struggling with asthma, respiratory conditions, food, nasal, and skin allergies practically all of my life. I decided to stop visiting specialists a long time ago because nothing ever worked long term. I got really sick last year and knew it was time to see a specialist. I'm not sure how I even found out about Dr. Roy but I'm so glad I did! Dr.Roy is amazing!! He makes sure you are involved in every part of your treatment plan, keeps up on the new cutting-edge approaches, and cares about his patients. He put me on an integrated therapy combining western medicine with customized herbal supplements, plus some dietary changes. The results were phenomenal!! My asthma attacks have reduced significantly, respiratory issues have resolved and allergies have subsided. I have never felt so healthy and energetic in the last 10 years. I am SO thankful to Dr. Roy for his care and his timely advice.


Anna H., Athens, GA, USA




I was frustrated and feeling hopeless after cat scans, ultrasounds, labs and doctors suggesting surgery and medication that I didn’t want or need. I was low energy, anxious, bloated and not myself for two years. I had an idea of what I needed, but not the knowledge to go in the right direction.


A friend suggested an appointment with Dr. Roy when he was in town last year. With Dr. Roy and his team, I wasn’t looked at as a symptom or condition, but as a whole person. I met with Dr. Roy and his diet counselors, Dr. Hemangi and Dr. Mridula. From them, I found out that many diseases stem from “gut health.”


I’ve lost 14 lbs.  and I feel and look like a different person than when I first walked in for consultation with Dr. Roy. Others comment on how healthy and great I look. I have hope, energy and a better perspective of what I need for optimal health. This has been so worth it, and I’m so blessed with what I like to call my “dream team”!


G. Davis, Baton Rouge, LA, USA




Before going to Dr.Roy's Meditation and Wellness Retreat, I had been trying to develop a consistent meditation practice but struggled with it.  The Retreat jump-started and strengthened my meditation practice, and by the end of the retreat, I definitely felt a much greater sense of peace and felt energized – it felt like emotional healing and a spiritual shift had occurred in me.  After my first Retreat, I decided to do astrocounseling and have continued with individual counseling, as well as relationship counseling for my husband and I with Dr. Roy, which has all proven to be priceless for my healing and spiritual growth.  My experience has been that I go to Dr. Roy with a stressful, confused, conflicted mind, and by the end of our session I have much greater clarity of mind and peace and feel that I have a better understanding of my spiritual path.  I have not met any practitioner who is as compassionate, giving, and genuine as Dr. Roy.  Warm regards...


Jennifer English, Chattanooga, TN, USA


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